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If you wish to make a donation to the ND Veterans Cemetery, please click on one of the links below. Donations may be made through PayPal or by downloading and mailing your donation using the PDF form below.

Dear North Dakota Veterans Cemetery Foundation Friends:


It is only through the efforts of contributors, volunteers, and donors that we are able to provide critical resources for the operations and maintenance of this world-class facility. 


This past year presented a very challenging fiscal situation for the state, yet we were able to not only ensure the operational support to the cemetery, but provided several upgrades to the grounds and to the computer kiosk look up center which includes a GPS locator for cell phones. We have several maintenance projects planned for this next year, which include sidewalk and road repairs, as well as some Chapel and Visitor Center improvement projects. I ask that you help support the hallowed ground we have created to honor our Veterans’ service.


There are many ways you can support the cemetery and remember that any gifts can be made in memory (or in honor) of a loved one or friend.  You can choose to make direct gifts such as cash or check directly to the foundation.  We also provide opportunities to give through gift annuities, charitable trusts, life insurance, securities and real estate. 


It is important for you to know that your donations are tax deductible, and that 100% of your donation benefits the cemetery, as no funds are expended without the approval of the Board of Directors.  Additionally, the board of directors are not paid a salary and cover their cost of travel, food, and lodging while performing any required duties. 


Please accept my personal appreciation for any support you may be able to provide.  Every contribution makes it more likely we may ensure continued support of our North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.

                                                Jackie A. Huber, Brigadier General
                                               President, ND Veterans Cemetery Foundation

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