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Alexander P. McDonald, Major General (Retired)

Major General Macdonald was instrumental in establishing the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.

He worked tirelessly with the North Dakota Legislature and various state agencies, led efforts to secure funding to support future operation and maintenance requirements, and had the foresight to establish a non-profit foundation with the mission of assisting in the perpetual care of the cemetery.

Major General Macdonald's vision and leadership created one of the premier state veterans cemeteries in the nation.

Board Members

Jackie Huber, Major General

Robert Schulte, Brigadier General (Retired)

Steven Tabor, Colonel (Retired)

Myron Steier, Captain (Retired)

Alan Dohrmann, Major General
Board Member

Jerald Engelman, Brigadier General (Retired)
Board Member

Ronald Gangness, Brigadier General (Retired)
Board Member

Michael Haugen, Major General (Retired)
Board Member

David Spryczynatyk, Major General (Retired)
Board Member

Lawrence Woodbury, Brigadier General (Retired)
Board Member

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